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SaaS Building Blocks

Looking to build a new SaaS product? Then try using our building blocks. Everything from Identity to Commerce, CRM and an AI + Natural Language Engine Integration. Just click Sign Up Now.

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Building Blocks

We have all of the building blocks to help you build the foundations of your next SaaS product. |

When building your SaaS product you don't want to have to worry about building all of the common components regularly found in other SaaS products like Identity, Commerce, Workforce, Projects and more. Instead, use our pre-built components to help you get your product off the ground and delivered quickly.

Simple Integration

Integrate quickly and easily using the swarm library |

We have built one simple library that is all you need to integrate - the Swarm library. Currently available for server and client side Javascript.

We have more libraries in development that will become available soon to allow you to integrate IndustrySwarm building blocks into almost any stack.