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IndustrySwarm is actively investing into research and development within the fields of Artificial Intelligence (specifically the application of large language models to business process automation) and the Future of Work. CIRCL.AI is our invite-only proof of concept within this space, delivered as an omnichannel-capable platform.

Your AI-Powered Co-Founder & Workforce Live Within...


MVP: Validate

CIRCL.AI automates the process of validating the idea for your next venture. Simply describe it in plain English to your AI-Powered Co-Founder and it will happen.
ETA: Dec 2021

Test & Launch (Phase 2)

CIRCL.AI helps you Run Simulations to optimize risk to be in your favor before launching, with your go-to-market and provides you with customer and business facing web and mobile apps (Web App, CRM, book-keeping, etc).

Grow (Phase 3)

Dashboards provide you with a real-time view of the performance of your business. Need to make changes? Introduce a new product line? Or do you simply want an update? Then go and have a chat with one of your AI-Powered employees.

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